Don't let medical emergencies deter you!

One never knows when a medical emergency might befall one’s way and disbalance the momentum of life. At Quick Forex, we offer a phenomenal range of medical services which are specially curated for the people who are travelling or staying in a foreign location. This way, one can get the financial aid in time for the medical treatment to commence.

Buy and Sell Currency

Quick Forex enables buying and selling of currency, which can be tremendously helpful when someone is stuck in a foreign land in a medical situation.

Get forex/travel card

Since carrying cash might be a bit of a fuss, forex or travel cards help in medical emergencies and these are easily attainable via Quick Forex.

Receive money in india

In case one is sending money from abroad to their loved ones in India who are facing a medical issue, Quick Forex ensures speedy and secure transactions.

Pay hospital bills

Get those pesky hospital bills paid directly through Quick Forex for a hassle free and smooth transaction experience and medical treatment.

Quick money transfer

For rapid and swift fund transfer across countries, Quick Forex comes up with best of solutions. Now distance is irrelevant where money is concerned.

Safe and secure transaction

Since Quick Forex is RBI certified and acknowledged, one can trust it with their money blindly and expect safe and secure transactions, every time.

Send money abroad

In case there is a dear one who is stuck in a medical situation abroad, Quick Forex ensures that they receive the money in time for their treatment.

Reload forex card

In case the travel card runs out of funds in a medical situation, Quick Forex helps in easily reloading the forex card so that you never have any hiccups.

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