Delivering diverse range of hassle-free forex solutions!

Wire Transfer: Quick forex handles Wire Transfers, which means direct bank to bank transfers, where money from one bank is transferred to the beneficiary's bank account, irrespective of the location. This is the most convenient way to transfer money from anywhere, as one can transfer the funds quickly, economically and smoothly through some of India's largest and most reputed banks and forex solution providers.

Travel Cards: Travel Cards are one of the safest and more convenient ways of carrying forex for people traveling across the globe. This allows one to carry multiple currencies in one single card, making worldwide transactions easy and without having to pay any additional hidden fee. It gives one 24×7 access to funds and encashment options on return, making it a convenient travel partner.

Sell/Buy Foreign Currency: Quick Forex will help you compare foreign currency rate, as it is the one-stop solution provider which delivers foreign currency at the absolute best forex rates near you. It is recommended that one takes 30% of foreign currency in notes while traveling abroad for meeting the small expenses such as taxi or bus fares, tips, etc. But, for the huge expenses in a foreign land, always carry a forex card.

Travel Insurance Products: For any travel related emergency situations like loss of baggage, passport, and unprecedented health crisis, Quick Forex caters to speedy travel insurance solutions in collaboration with some major health insurance providers in the country. This ensures that you are always coped with the ultimate level of security and assurance, even while traveling to the other parts of the world.

MTSS: At Quick Forex, the MTSS scheme, which stands for Money Transfer Service Scheme, allows you to do inward remittances, which comes as an aid for the beneficiaries. Our inward remittances which come through Western Union helps in family maintenance, educational funds, paying off medical bills, and remittances helping foreign tourists visiting India. However, no outward remittance from India is permitted under this scheme.