Make the most of your student life!

At quick Forex, we offer a remarkable range of services which are specially curated for the students who are studying in a foreign land while they are chasing their dreams, and might need financial aid from their parents or relatives who reside in India.

Flywire student payments

Smooth and hassle-free transfers straight from the parents to the students staying abroad in just a second.

GIC payments

Quick Forex provide service of remitting for Guaranteed Investment Certificate so that the student can be provided with a accumulated amount of funds to attend to their expenses.

Western union student payment

Quick forex is in collaboration with Western Union to make direct transactions easier for both the parents and the students.

University fee payment

Direct payments made straight from Quick Forex to the student’s university, without multiple interventions.


Quick Forex helps one to easily exchange the currency of the country that they are travelling to so that they can travel with fluid cash.

Travel card

Travel Cards are one of the safest and more convenient ways of carrying forex and making worldwide transactions for students traveling across the globe.


Quick Forex allows inward and outward remittances between the student and parents or the relatives who reside in separate countries.

Travel insurance

For any travel related emergency situations and unprecedented health crisis of a student, Quick Forex caters to speedy travel insurance.

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